Tiny tales – Love

She : You still miss her? He : Yes. She : You still love her? He : Yes. She : Then how are you happy about it? He : Why can't I be? She : You still love her. You miss her. How can you be happy if she left you? He : Are you … Continue reading Tiny tales – Love


The Disappointment Panda


If I could invent a superhero, I would invent one called Disappointment Panda. He’d wear a cheesy eye mask and a shirt (with a giant capital T on it) that was way too small for his big panda belly, and his superpower would be to tell people harsh truths about themselves that they needed to … Continue reading The Disappointment Panda

Am I loving correctly?


  "I love you to the moon and back", the guy at a distance said as he kissed the girl. Julie watched silently, biting her lips with an expression of jealousy. "Cant you kiss me like that", she exclaimed. "We just cuddled before leaving home. Didn't you have a great time", I replied wondering whats … Continue reading Am I loving correctly?

Three Days Lyrics Challenge – Day 3

Hi guys I’ve been nominated for the three day Lyric challenge by Aieshi Jain and Adithya. Thank you both for nominating me for the Three day Lyric challenge. Okay I don’t listen to music that much still I will try to post few phrases of songs that have meant something to me. Rules: Thank the … Continue reading Three Days Lyrics Challenge – Day 3