Tiny tales – Satisfaction

She : I think something is wrong with me!!
He : Something? There are a lot of things wrong with you. Which one are you concerned about right now?
She : (blank stare)
He : Ha ha!!! Okay tell me what is bothering you.
She : I cannot sleep at night. I think I am insomniac.
He : Have you considered possibilities like being in love or sleeping like a panda in the day??
She : Yes. I saw it coming. I am not in love neither do I sleep in the day. I really can’t stop thinking at night. There is so much going on in my mind. Everything seems like blasting off in my mind.
He : You lack something.
She : What?
He : Satisfaction.
She : (Again a blank stare)
He : Okay. Before you kill me let me explain it to you. Most people sleep blissfully at night because they are satisfied with their day. Satisfaction let them sleep and look forward to the next day.
She : You think I am not satisfied with my life.
He : I am not talking about life here. When was last time you did something that satisfied your soul? When was last time you smiled like a flower blossoming in the spring? When was last time you made an effort to change someone’s life who didn’t affect you directly? Apart from the job you need to do something that satisfies your soul, something that makes you forget your work, something that makes you happy and something that you can always look forward to.
She : Hmmm, will it help me sleep like a panda?
He : Oh yeah!!!
She : What do you do to satisfy your soul?
He : You really wanna know?
She : Yes, I do.
He : I make you smile 🙂

(She blushes and he kiss her red cheeks)

16 thoughts on “Tiny tales – Satisfaction

  1. I absolutely love this. Really, really. It resonates with me so much because someone I know would benefit from reading it, but I can’t even suggest it. Thank you for reinforcing my thoughts but writing them so much more eloquently than my brain can process. Katie

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