God is Watching

As a 3-year-old me bent forward to pluck a beautiful flower in my grandmother’s garden, “Don't pluck it. God is watching. She will punish you for killing a flower”. My mother said to me. A 5 year old me oblivious of polio disease laughed at a crippled man with a hump in his back. "If … Continue reading God is Watching

Alfaaz – Forever

इक वो थे जो कायनात का वादा करके चन्द लम्हे ना निभा सके साथ के। और इक तरफ हम है जो दो लम्हे मांग कर ज़िन्दगी भर का साथ निभा दिया करते है।। ~ दी रियलिस्ट English Translation : On one side was her who couldn't spend few moments together even after promising the forever. … Continue reading Alfaaz – Forever